Luamlee Store

Luamlee is a motivational online store that promotes self-improvement and positive energy. We all struggle everyday to push ourselves past our past limitations or achievements and find it hard to stay focused and motivated to wake up early and give life 200% for another 24 hour day. The more we learn about the science of success, the more we learn that meditation, exercise, and healthy eating is most important to the human body when it comes to maintaining emotional stability. There have been studies that show that water responds to negative and positive energy by speaking words to the container of water or writing words onto the container. If this works for the water in the container, it works for the water in your body the same way. 

Consistent Self Improvement was first used as a music project title to reflect the skill progress being made over time with each new project release by the solo musician. The musician put the words Consistent Self Improvement on a t-shirt and the very first time he put it on and looked in the mirror, it dawned on him that Consistent Self Improvement is the purpose of life. Our goal in life is to constantly improve our abilities as a human being to learn how to live a long wealthy and happy life. Motivation runs parallel with discipline and having self-discipline is one of the biggest keys to self-improvement. The Consistent Self Improvement brand has been created to act as an hourly reminder in our everyday life that a consistently self-improving mind comes with a consistently self improving body.